Large Waterjet Cutting Machine
Large Waterjet Cutting Machine
  • Large Waterjet Cutting Machine
  • Large Waterjet Cutting Machine
  • Large Waterjet Cutting Machine
  • Large Waterjet Cutting Machine
  • Large Waterjet Cutting Machine
  • Large Waterjet Cutting Machine
  • Large Waterjet Cutting Machine

Large Waterjet Cutting Machine

  The customized waterjet cutting machine is produced according to the customers’ actual requirements.
  If your materials’ size is huge big and not suitable by the normal cutting table. We would produce the relevant water cutting table, such as 4000*3000mm, 6000*2000mm, 1500*3000mm.
  Oppositely if you just want one water jet as an exhibit in your office, we can also produce the mini cutting table for you. For example, 800*600mm, 1000*1000mm.
  Due to the reason of the water would splash during the cutting process, to better protect your factory’s environment and avoid non-engineers near to the jetting machine. We can install the protective door around the water cutter. Normally the door would be closed during the cutting. If the door is opened and the machine would stop automatically and give an alarm.

Product Details
Large Waterjet Cutting Machine

Series Customized
Water Jet
Cutting Angle 0 Degree
Table Size L: 2000-4000mm
W: 1500-2000mm
Cutting Precision ±0.1mm
Cutting Speed 5000mm/min
37kw / 50hp
Warranty 1 Year
Certificate CE, ISO
Delivery Time 45 Days
After-sales Service Field Installation
Online Service
Loading Container FCL
20GP / 40GP
Loading Port Foshan

  The new waterjet machine, for the structure it still extends the welding design of double steel plates. 6mm steel plate as the inner side and 12mm steel plate as a table outside. After the heat treatment, the whole of the cutting table would be more stable under the high-pressure water cutting. For the appearance, we use the sheet plate to decorate and let it seem more modern. And we do many small details to let the machine release the heat in time but no easy to attract the dust. We do it because we want to better protect your waterjet cutter.
  With the function of auto-adjust high pressure, portable water jet cutting machine is customized served for the customers who mainly cut the glass. Owning the feature of “low-pressure cuts the hole at first, high-pressure cuts during the process, release the pressure quickly”, ensure the glass being good during the water cutting.
  For the updated software, it not only can change its cutting angles and speed but also can slow down its cutting speed when it meets the corner. Especially when you cut the thicker materials, this function would make the cutting effect would be more beautiful.
  The special design of the sand valve, we use the motor instead of the manual, and let the sand consumption control within 20kg per hour. We can help you save the cost and keep the working efficiency.
  As an intensifier pump that owns years’ experience, series 450 waterjet pump is updating all the time. Except for the feature of low noise and strong pressure, for the structure, it realizes the effective separation between the water part and the electrical part, ensures your worker would be easier to change the spare parts and better protect your working environment. To the technology, an advanced control panel with a touch screen, and you can remote control the pump’s working. When it meets the problem, it would stop the machine immediately and give the alarm, then feedback the reason to you and help you solve as soon as possible.

  The free waterjet software, the language would be Chinese and English. The software is easy and ensures your workers would study and operate it in a short time.
  Here is the suggestion to update the intensifier pump into the series H500. The cutting speed would be faster.

Model SH-2015 SH-2515 SH-3015 SH-3020 SH-3520 SH-4020
Cutting Size X: 2000mm
Y: 1500mm
X: 2500mm
Y: 1500mm
X: 3000mm
Y: 1500mm
X: 3000mm
Y: 2000mm
X: 3500mm
Y: 2000mm
X: 4000mm
Y: 2000mm
Cutting Angle
Cutting Accuracy ±0.01mm
Max Pressure 450mpa / 65000psi
Working Pressure 340-360mpa / 49300-52200psi
Max Water Discharge 3.7L / min
Motor 37kw / 50hp
Sand Consumption less than 20kg/h
Power Consumption less than 25kw/h
Max Thickness
(Straight Cutting)
Porcelain Tiles 40mm
Marble 120mm
Granite 110mm
Glass 80mm
Mosaic 80mm
Steel 60mm
Stainless Steel 60mm
Aluminum 80mm
Copper 80mm
Wood 150mm
Plastic 200mm
Foam 200mm