Why can bevel gears be cut with a waterjet cutting machine?

Why can bevel gears be cut with a waterjet cutting machine?

Mar 26,21

Waterjet cutting machines are widely used in all walks of life due to their fine cutting, smooth cutting and high cutting precision. These industries have given high evaluations to water jets with stable quality, because water jets have incomparable cutting advantages such as flame, laser, and plasma, so they can be widely used in the cutting of bevel gear products.

1. Waterjet cutting machine uses point energy to cut.

Water jet cutting is different from flame cutting and laser cutting, it mainly uses point energy cutting. Due to the special shape of bevel gears, it is easy to damage the surface of the gear when flame cutting and laser cutting are used. Only the points of the water jet can be used for cutting, which is more conducive to the realization of the free-form cutting function of the bevel gear. At the same time, it is also conducive to automatic control and flexible processing.

2. Waterjet cutting machine adopts wet cutting method.

The reason why the water jet is more suitable for cutting bevel gears is that it uses a wet cutting method. It is a clean and safe cutting tool. In addition, the surface of the product cut by the water jet cutting machine is smooth and smooth, and no secondary trimming is required.

3. Waterjet cutting machine has stronger cutting force.

Compared with flame cutting and laser cutting, water jet cutting machine has stronger cutting function. It can cut thick steel plates, thick titanium plates, graphite resin composite plates, as well as thick stone or thick concrete. This is because the waterjet cutting machine can adjust the cutting force by adjusting the speed, pressure and spray distance of the hydraulic jet, so that the cutting of the bevel gear has a better arc.

Waterjet cutting machines can efficiently cut a large number of thick metal plates, which is one of the fundamental reasons why high-efficiency waterjet cutting machines are becoming more and more popular. The reason why water jet is widely used in bevel gear processing is that water jet mainly adopts point energy and wet cutting methods, and can adjust the cutting force through some measures.