After-sales Service of the Water Jet Machine

After-sales Service of the Water Jet Machine

Mar 27,21

1. The warranty of the Shuttle water jet machine is 1 year.

2. Field Installation
1) We will share the details about the water, air, electricity with our customers and let them prepare in advance.
2) We will send the professional technician to the customers’ factories and give them 7-10 days of training.
3) The training content includes helping customers install the machine and adjust the machine, learn the waterjet’s operation and Auto CAD drawing, how to change the spare parts, let the customers practice waterjet cutting, and better understand its process, etc.

3. Online Service
1) If our technician can’t arrive in the customers’ factories in time because of the reason for the force majeure, we will provide our customers with the perfect online service. And we also keep the right of field service for our customers.
2) We had already prepared a full set of videos about installation and adjustment for our customers, and we will keep in contact with our customers. When the customers meet any problem with the waterjet machine, we can contact in different Internet way, such as WeChat,
WhatsApp, TeamViewer, and help our customers solve the current problems and recover the normal production.

3) It would be our pleasure to share with you if you meet any problems or want more details about the waterjet cutter. There is no extra charge.

4. Spare Parts
1) We will give a set of free spare parts to each of the customers before the machine loading. It can help the customers use and change the spare parts in time.
2) To ensure the stock of the spare parts is full, we had built a spare parts warehouse and CNC machining center.
3) When the customers need the spare parts, please contact us at any time. After confirmation, we will send it by DHL, FedEx immediately.

5. Return Visiting
1) We will do the regular return visit for our customers about the waterjet machine and better know their current using situation.
2) Warmly welcome our customers to share the suggestions about the waterjet to us. Your sincere feedback would motivate us to move forward.

6. Software Update
When the new product of the technology is developed, the customers can enjoy the free or preferential price to update.