Which material is more suitable for waterjet cutting machine?

Which material is more suitable for waterjet cutting machine?

Nov 16,20

According to network big data flow analysis and statistics, the sales volume of high-quality and high-performance waterjet cutting machines has been increasing day by day in recent years. People pay great attention to the high-precision, fast-speed CNC and ceramic tile waterjet. It can cut a variety of different materials such as rock slabs, thin plates and ceramic plates. Now let's briefly use the waterjet cutting machine to cut which materials are more suitable. analysis:

1. Stainless steel

According to feedback from many users, waterjet cutting machines can cut almost all materials, such as stainless steel, which has a higher cutting rate. It is well known that stainless steel material is thick and hard, and ordinary instruments cannot cut it completely or cause it to deform in a large area. Many experimental data confirm that 304 stainless steel does not deform during high-jet water jet processing, but waterjet cutting machines can be used The high-pressure high-jet water stream cuts the narrow lines of stainless steel, thus realizing fast cutting.

waterjet cutting machine

2. Marble

It is understood that the waterjet cutting machine can also perform batch marble cutting operations. This is because waterjet processing can be done by pressurizing ordinary water through the inner hole jewel nozzle to spray out the high-speed flowing water after the compression, so that the two-dimensional cutting operation of regular shapes such as marble can be completed. In addition, the waterjet cutting machine can also complete the cutting of multi-dimensional complex and fine materials, such as artistic characters, car interiors, etc.

3. Plexiglas

Plexiglas is a hardened and hard film. Because of its high hardness, it is very suitable to use high-tech waterjet cutting machines for cutting. Because the waterjet cutting machine has the unmatched advantages of many other cutting machines in the cutting field, for example, it will not deform the Plexiglas due to the heat generated by the cutting, and will not cause material pollution and waste.

With the gradual improvement of the applicability of the water jet cutting machine, it can quickly complete the cutting of many different materials. This has led to a rapid increase in sales of ultra-high pressure CNC water jets. According to incomplete market statistics, in addition to stainless steel, marble, plexiglass, etc., which are suitable for waterjet cutting, stone, plastic, and carbon fiber can also be cut with waterjet cutting machines.