What is a water jet cnc machine

What is a water jet cnc machine

Jul 27,21

What is a water jet cnc machine
A set of CNC waterjet cutting machine (waterjet for short) consists of three parts: ultra-high pressure water jet generator (high pressure pump), CNC machining platform, jet cutting head, sand supply system and cooling system.

1. Ultra-high pressure water jet generator (high pressure pump)

As the power source of the waterjet, a common technical solution is a hydraulic motor driving a supercharger to generate an ultra-high pressure water jet. The pressure of ordinary tap water is increased to tens to hundreds of MPa (1 MPa is approximately equal to 10 bar), and it is ejected through a beam nozzle with extremely high kinetic energy.

2. CNC machining platform

The CNC waterjet is mainly used for cutting flat plates. The cutting platform uses rolling linear guides and ball screws as transmissions. Under the precise control of the CNC program and the control motor, the X-axis and Y-axis can be moved individually or in two-axis linkage to drive the cutting head to achieve linear and arbitrary curve cutting.

3. Jet cutting head

The high-pressure pump can realize the cutting function only through the beam nozzle. The nozzle aperture size determines the pressure level and flow rate. At the same time, the nozzle also has an energy gathering effect.

There are two basic forms of jet cutting heads: one is for pure water cutting, and the other is for cutting with abrasives. The cutting head with abrasive cutting is based on the pure water cutting head, plus an abrasive mixing cavity and a hard nozzle.