What are the features of the waterjet cutting machine?

What are the features of the waterjet cutting machine?

May 18,21

1. The principle that the waterjet cutting machine can cut various complicated process patterns in the equipment through the power of electric energy can also improve the appearance of the deformation of the cutting technology in the high-voltage impact technology process.

2. The waterjet cutting machine has passed the impact process of the material reaction system, which improves the advantageous principle of arbitrary cutting in the drilling technology, and improves the dust pollution in the production process.

3. In the process of environmentally friendly functional processing equipment, according to the use of ceramic metal cutting in the production process, it has improved the appearance of toxic gases in the larger pollution, which affects the cleanliness of the air, and is environmentally friendly. the use of.

4. The waterjet cutting machine takes advantage of the technical ability of water pump punching in the water flow capacity of the high equipment. In the process of high pressure water pressure technology, the electric power is driven every time at the speed of 310-400mpa, and the performance design of the sample diameter is improved In the design of the nozzle with a pipe interface volume of 0.075mm-0.35mm, the performance of high-pressure technology heating is promoted, and the situation of excessive noise during work is improved.

5. The waterjet cutting machine uses the automatic conversion of the computer to adjust the performance of the equipment during the setting process, which drives the advantageous principle that the style and thickness can be cut efficiently in the process cutting, and it can also improve the process of the process. Advantages of automatic processing.

6. In the process of metal material processing, according to the functionality of the design drawings, the performance of the installation and operation of the old model of the platform in the structural principle has been improved, and the use of cutting technology can be improved arbitrarily, and it is not easy to The material causes the item to deform.

7. In the process of waterjet cutting of ceramics or metal materials, the performance equipment process that is easy to form in the polishing technology is accelerated, the steps of the polishing process in metal objects are improved, and the skills in the training are improved. Speed ​​up the thickness function performance that is difficult to improve in the grinding process, and use the role of wear resistance in the case of too little grinding to carry out the technical process of deep modification