The working principle of each part of the waterjet cutting machine

The working principle of each part of the waterjet cutting machine

Dec 23,20

In the working process of the waterjet cutting machine, you may find that the machine equipment heats up faster, especially the oil temperature is significantly faster. However, the reason why it did not have much impact on the mechanical equipment is that the equipment has a self-adjusting system that can adjust the working rules according to the operating status. However, each organizational part in the system has different working principles, so the performance is reliable. What is the working principle of each part of the waterjet cutting machine?

1. Working principle of oil circuit part:

The waterjet motor drives the oil pump, pumps out the hydraulic oil from the oil tank, and transmits it to the oil pressure pipeline through the one-way valve. At this time, the oil circuit is divided into three ways, one is connected to the accumulator and the pressure gauge. The pressure gauge displays the oil pressure, The energy device can stabilize the oil pressure; the other way is connected to the reversing valve; the last way is connected to the overflow valve. When the water jet button is not pressed, the hydraulic oil sent from the oil pump flows directly back to the oil tank through the overflow valve, water-cooled cooler and oil return filter, and a small amount of hydraulic oil enters the booster oil through the reversing valve The cavity is not enough to push the oil piston to change direction or change direction slowly.

2. Working principle of waterway:

After the tap water is filtered by the filter, it is pressurized by the water pump and enters the high pressure cylinders at both ends of the booster. When the oil piston reciprocates, the high-pressure cylinder at one end of the water jet enters the water through the water inlet check valve, and the water in the other end of the high-pressure cylinder is pushed out and enters the high-pressure pipeline through the water outlet check valve. This action is performed alternately in the high-pressure cylinders at both ends, forming a continuous flow of high-pressure water. Due to the reversing cycle of the supercharger, the pressure of the output water flow forms periodic fluctuations. Therefore, the high-pressure water flow of the water jet needs to be stabilized by a high-pressure accumulator and delivered to the spray head through the high-pressure pipe.

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3. The principle of supercharger:

When the water jet hydraulic oil acts on the piston, the high-pressure plunger rod connected to the piston pushes out the water in the high-pressure cylinder. According to the law of conservation of waterjet energy, it is assumed that there is no friction loss and the work is equal. At this time, the oil pressure multiplied by the cross-sectional area of ​​the piston is equal to the water pressure multiplied by the cross-sectional area of ​​the plunger rod, that is, the ratio of water pressure to oil pressure is equal to the ratio of the cross-sectional area of ​​the oil piston to the cross-sectional area of ​​the high-pressure plunger rod.

The waterjet cutting machine needs to be supervised when it is working. This is because the operation of fully automated equipment may also fail. Many types of waterjet cutting equipment have high carrier prices. Once the cutting product is damaged, it is extremely difficult to recover. Therefore, in order to avoid losses caused by accidents, staff must be on duty, and daily inspection and maintenance of waterjet cutting machine must be implemented.