The advantages of waterjet cutting equipment.

The advantages of waterjet cutting equipment.

Feb 21,21

In the era of automatic cutting, many new cutting methods have appeared. Most of these cutting methods are carried out on the basis of the whole process of cutting, which greatly improves the cutting accuracy and quality. In the early cutting, the requirements for aesthetics were not high, but at present, the stability and uniformity of the cutting must be ensured, and the external burrs must be ensured. This is the case for waterjet cutting. The following briefly introduces the advantages of waterjet cutting equipment.

1. Intelligent.

waterjet cutting equipment has entered a high-pressure, high-precision, and highly intelligent processing mode. The application of intelligent waterjet in sheet metal processing has obvious advantages in cutting efficiency and cutting accuracy. Since the smart sprinkler can control the sprinkler in real time, it can expand the use of energy and reduce the waste of energy as much as possible.

2. Widely used.

The cutting speed is unmatched by ordinary cutting equipment, and the accuracy is beyond doubt. After avoiding the error, the plate can be made directly. In the past, due to the huge difference in the application of traditional water jets, the water jet cutting industry developed rapidly, and the emergence of smart water jets broke the limitations of water jet manufacturers.

3. The effect is ideal.

The application of waterjet cutting equipment the restrictions and requirements on processing materials. As long as it basically meets the material standards, it can be processed in this way, and it is easy to complete. Such a wide range of applications will not affect the cutting effect of the smart water jet, nor will it cause damage to the cutting surface. Moreover, the environmental protection effect of intelligent water jet processing is also very ideal.

Generally speaking, the waterjet cutting equipment is harsh and can cut various hard and bulky objects. Therefore, people are worried about the service life of waterjet cutting equipment.