How to maintain waterjet cutting equipment?

How to maintain waterjet cutting equipment?

Feb 09,21

At present, waterjet cutting equipment is suitable for cutting various materials, and the materials will not burn, melt, break, etc. In addition, according to the analysis of waterjet cutting equipment manufacturers, water jet cutting will not produce cracks, so it can be used to cut materials with narrow gaps to prevent physical and chemical changes in materials. So, how do you need to maintain the waterjet cutting equipment?

1. Pay attention to check the equipment parts.

It is recommended that the operator regularly check the waterjet cutting equipment, such as whether the glaze absorption transition network is blocked, the temperature of the fuel tank, the oil volume, the diaphragm pump, the nozzle, etc. It is strictly forbidden to flush the electric control box and hydraulic station of the waterjet cutting equipment with water, and pay attention to the machine. The lubrication state of the surface of the horizontal and vertical guide rails and racks.

2. Pay attention to the wear and tear of the equipment.

waterjet cutting equipment requires routine maintenance on the surface of the parts and prevent damage. In addition, waterjet cutting equipment manufacturers mentioned that operators should regularly check the cutting head for signs of wear and damage. For example, if the mixing tube accidentally touches the clamp, the mixing tube will be damaged. In addition, the operator should regularly check and replace the consumable parts of the sand conveying system, such as pipes and joints.

3. Pay attention to daily cleaning.

The operator should pay attention to cleaning the dirt on the machine tool and guide rail of the waterjet cutting equipment to ensure the daily operation of the bed. In addition, the operator should pay attention to cleaning the surface of the motor and oil tank of the hydraulic station, check the inside of the system and keep it in a good operating state, so that the water jet cutting operation is more effective.

Not only that, during the operation, the operator can often observe the liquid condition of the waterjet cutting equipment and check the dustproof device everywhere. If it is found that the waterjet cutting equipment is damaged and the connection is loose, it should be dealt with in time to prevent external sand and dust from mixing into the equipment.