How much do you know about the functions and uses of waterjet cutting machines?

How much do you know about the functions and uses of waterjet cutting machines?

Jan 19,21

Waterjet cutting machine, this cutting technology is a multi-purpose, perfect modern cutting technology, which is characterized by high-pressure and high-energy jet beam processing without heat source, cutting without thermal processing, and can be incomparable with other equipment in many fields The advantages. It has the characteristics of no thermal deformation, smooth cut, no dust, no pollution, and reduced material waste. The role and use of water jets involve all aspects of production and life, and have brought tremendous changes to our production and life.

1. Waterjet cutting machine is in metal processing.

Among many cutting methods, water jet cutting is a special cold cutting method. The kinetic energy of the abrasive water jet is used to cut the metal to achieve the purpose of cutting. There is no chemical change during the cutting process. It has the advantages of not affecting material properties, thermal deformation, narrow cutting seam, high precision, smooth cutting surface, clean and pollution-free.

2. Waterjet cutting machine is used in paper industry.

It is used for slitting of kraft paper, corrugated cardboard, etc. without dust pollution. In the electronics industry, it is used for contour cutting of printed circuit boards.

3. Waterjet cutting machine is used in textile industry.

It is used for cutting multi-layer cloth, which can improve the cutting efficiency and reduce the damage to the edge.

4. Waterjet cutting machines are used in the ceramic and stone industries.

The main processing machinery in the ceramic stone industry is widely used. Its outstanding feature is that it covers all the curve cutting of ceramic stone. Its scope of application also includes some large and complex cuttings, including: large ceramic murals, hall floor mosaics, ceramic screens, cabinets and bathroom shaped tables, stone furniture, etc.

5. Waterjet cutting machine is used in modern medicine.

Medical water jet technology has been widely used in trauma surgery, ENT surgery and other surgical operations. With the continuous leaps in medical technology, the impact of high-pressure spiral water can be used to crush and suck liver parenchymal cells in the treatment of tumors. The function is to make the intrahepatic bile ducts, arteries, portal veins, and hepatic veins intact without heat damage, minimize the chance of bleeding and bile leakage, and shorten the operation time. By changing the pressure and flow rate, not only can the purpose of selective dissection of human tissues be achieved, but also specific tissues can be maintained to the maximum. It has the advantages of less trauma, less bleeding, and less postoperative complications.

With the advancement of medical technology, there is a better choice for partial sculpture, that is, water jet liposuction. Let the water spray out in the form of water mist, the water pressure crushes the fat, the metal tube has no resistance to enter and exit, and the sucked metal tube simultaneously draws out the fat and the previously injected liquid. Its advantages include: no pain, no bruising, swelling, and regular skin. High satisfaction.

With the rapid development of waterjet cutting machine technology, I believe it will span many other fields and exert greater value in the future.