Classification introduction of waterjet cutting machine

Classification introduction of waterjet cutting machine

Aug 12,21

Waterjet cutting machines are generally divided into the following types:

1. Divided by sand addition: water cutting is divided into two methods: no sand cutting and sand cutting.

2. Divided by equipment: Divided into large water cutting machine, small water cutting machine, three-dimensional water cutting machine, dynamic water cutting machine.

3. Divided by pressure: divided into high pressure type and low pressure type, generally with 100MPa as the limit. Above 100MPa is a high-pressure type, and below 100MPa is a low-pressure type. The ultra-high pressure type is above 200MPa.

4. Divided by technical principles: divided into pre-mixed and post-mixed.

5. Divided into safe cutting: divided into safe cutting and non-safe cutting, the difference is mainly in the water pressure, low pressure water cutting below 100MPa can be applied to special industries such as: hazardous chemicals, petroleum, coal, hazardous materials treatment, etc. aspect.