Classification and application of water jet cutting machine.

Classification and application of water jet cutting machine.

Jan 22,21

Traditional water jet equipment is large in size and heavy in weight, and cannot achieve rapid movement to adapt to different environmental requirements. And the portable water cutting series. Like ordinary gas cutting equipment, two people can work together, quickly move the workplace, and the cutting can be done quickly. For example, it can be installed on an ambulance and used in high-speed first aid instead of ordinary gas cutting tools, and can rescue the accident vehicle without high temperature and danger.

First, the safety water jet of the water jet cutting machine.

Due to the ultra-high pressure of the raw water jet, it cannot be used in hazardous industries. When the water pressure is too high, it cannot be used for dangerous operations. The threshold is 237.6mp. The safety water jet cutting machine came into being, and a hydraulic water jet cutting machine with a working pressure of 25 to 50 mp was developed. It is suitable for the disposal of dangerous goods such as public explosions, armed police fire rescue, and fire fighting through walls. There are mining safety water cutting equipment suitable for coal mines, explosion-proof safety water cutting equipment for the chemical industry, and oil pipeline safety equipment water cutting equipment for petroleum systems.

Second, the application of water jet cutting machine.

1. Water jet cutting machine is used in PetroChina.

With its advantages of safety, convenience and environmental protection, it has been recognized by the petroleum system and is used in a variety of working environments. Such as: oil pipeline, Christmas tree repair, oil tank cutting, equipment maintenance, etc.

Since the oil separator needs to be opened and the internal medium is oily sewage (cleaned), traditional cutting operations have the risk of flash explosion. However, the introduction of the water cutting technology of the water jet cutting machine has made high-risk construction operations safe and reliable. After passing through the portable pressurization system of several hundred meters per second, the water will pass through the pressurization system of several hundred meters. Compared with other cutting technologies, water jet cutting has no toxic and harmful substances, and there is no residual thermal reaction zone and mechanical stress after cutting. The completion of the cutting operation confirmed the safety and reliability of the water cutting technology and greatly improved the construction safety factor.

2. The water jet cutting machine is used in the chemical industry.

The chemical industry is a high-risk industry. The materials contained in equipment are usually flammable and explosive. Maintenance of storage tanks, pipelines, equipment, etc. has always been a problem. Such as the repair and replacement of pipelines, it is dangerous, improper operation by workers, and there is a slight risk of explosion. The water jet cutting machine uses water as the medium, no high temperature, no open flame, no static electricity during the working process, which eliminates the possibility of danger.