Adaptive advantages of waterjet cnc cutting machine

Adaptive advantages of waterjet cnc cutting machine

Aug 13,20

      With the continuous improvement of customer requirements, more and more manufacturers use waterjet cnc cutting machines to replace traditional hand-push desktop cutting machines. As a result, both speed and accuracy have been significantly improved. The reason for this is that the waterjet cnc cutting machine uses microcomputer digital control, so the size measurement does not need to be done manually.
       Not only that, the waterjet cnc cutting machine is equipped with a positioning system that is made up of imported linear guides and ball screw high-precision servo systems, which further improves the cutting accuracy. Because the cutting speed is relatively fast, it can meet the cutting needs of large batches and variable sizes.

        Sometimes, a waterjet cnc cutting machine can complete different processes such as drilling and cutting, reducing cost and time; since it will not produce defects such as thermal effects, deformation, and cracks during the cutting process, it does not require secondary processing , This can save costs better.

        Since the cut of the waterjet cnc cutting machine is relatively thin, the material waste is greatly reduced. Moreover, the workpiece can be cut in one time, and it also has good edge trimming quality. So this is why the waterjet cnc cutting machine is so popular among users.

         For some composite materials, they all have a non-uniform, anisotropic layer composite structure. Because of its inconsistent thermal melting point, it is not suitable for thermal cutting processing methods; and traditional mechanical processing methods also have many disadvantages, so it is better to use waterjet cnc cutting machine, because water cutting is cold cutting, so these No problem exists.